My work is about a lot of things.  And about how it is about a lot of things.  Most recently it is about the idea that nothing is meaningless.  Not remnents, not dust, and not empty space.  Intentions, histories, and new knowledge overlap and...

No Thing is Nothing / Nothing is No Thing

I use found scraps and remnants from past art works, daily life, and the natural world to investigate mark making and the intersection of the intentional and unintentional.  For the past few years my work has focused on how things come to...

General Working Artist Statement


These things can stand for [other things] and (simultaneously) be themselves.


When do parts come together into a whole?  When, if ever, can many  become one?  In these pieces I have been experimenting with framing and disjointed...

COMPONENTS show Artist's Statement


What makes an intentional or meaningful mark different from an accidental or “meaningless” one? How do marks made by an artist in or on a space differ from the marks made in creation of that space or in the process of past...

ACCUMULATIONS Artist's Statement

These sculptures are intended to be worn and touched.

Many riff on the concept of chains, a basic support structure in much jewelry.

The chains here break apart, tangle together, and become soft - symbols of strength and adaptability.

Wearables Statement

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